A promotora is an ambassador in the community who works to promote education and awareness of sexual assault/ domestic violence. They are required to complete 30 hours of initial training followed by additional continuing education programs and service events. Promotoras interact with members of the community by promoting the work of LUNA through educational opportunities and community outreach events. This is done through presentations, one-on-one meetings, home gatherings, and partnering with other members of the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Promotor(a), please contact Beatriz Basañez at (515) 271-5060 or email at beatriz@lunaiowa.org



We also have general volunteer opportunities which may include office duties, staffing community outreach events, grant writing and/or other specific duties or tasks.

If interested in volunteering for LUNA, please contact Laura Velazquez at (515) 271-5060 or email at  laura@lunaiowa.org